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Does Scotch Guard protector work?

When your carpets come this clean, like new again, why wouldn’t you want to protect them?

Carpet is manufactured with built in (Scotch Guard Protector) stain and soil resistors. There are two components to the Scotch Guard protector application on carpeting. The first of these is and acid dye blocker. This is built into the fiber permanently and is there to resist other dyes from foreign materials entering the dye sites of the fiber. The second of these is soil resistors. This gives another layer of protection that resists stains and dry soils. The soil resistors is what needs to be renewed on your carpet or other furnishings regularly. There are two primary ways that the factory Scotch Guard protector is removed.


1.    Regular foot traffic. Depending on the level of traffic a significant amount of Scotch Guard protector can be removed from your carpet over a period of 6 months to two years.


2.    High alkaline cleaners. Many home cleaners and some uneducated and uniformed “professional” cleaners can use harsh chemicals on the carpet that will strip the protection from your carpet. We have found a great product that renews the stain protection and really does repel the stains and dirt from any surface that we apply it to from carpet, furniture, tile, rugs etc. It is applied undiluted and dries quickly and does not have an odor.


There are 5 Benefits that you will gain by using our stain protectors and sealers.


1.    Repels spots and stains


2.    Resist soil and dirt


3.    Reduces chances of permanent stains.


4.    Renews factory soil resistors.


5.    Retains cleanliness longer.


Ask to see demonstration of how these protectors work and be sure to ask for stain protector after your next cleaning.


Be sure to ask for stain protector after your next cleaning.


Protector Applied to Towel

Notice the Droplet Bead Up


No Protector Applied

Notice the Droplet Absorb into the Towel


How to Keep  Area and Oriental Rugs Beautiful!

1. Spot Removal: When spills occur on your Area or Oriental Rug, blot up as much of the spill as possible with an absorbent towel.  Dilute the spill with plenty of water; then blot from the edge of the spill toward the center. Do not rub on your Area or Oriental Rug as it will damage the fiber. Be careful about using certain spot removers as they may damage the fiber. Always be sure to rinse well and blot dry.


2. Cleaning: A professional cleaning of your Area or Oriental Rug is recommended every one to two years depending on the amount of traffic it gets. New Life Healthy Home Services can thoroughly clean your Area and Oriental rugs at our facility (free pick-up and delivery), then apply a protector to them to help them repel dirt and stains.


3. Rotation: To be sure that you get even wear, your Area and Oriental  rug should be rotated at least once a year.


4. Vacuuming: Area and Oriental Rugs are like most carpeting, It should be vacuumed regularly to remove the soil and revive the fiber. Be careful vacuuming the fringe.


5. Padding: A quality pad under your Area and Oriental rug helps protect it from dirt, wear, and slippage. This will greatly improve the performance of your rug.


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